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Workspace Design Trends for 2023 & Onward

Updated: Apr 21

Conventional workplaces are increasingly being phased out and replaced with collaborative spaces to encourage innovation, motivation, and productivity. 2023 will see this movement continue with some creative trends developing. Below are some of the key workplace design trends you can expect to find in Hong Kong this year.


Companies across Hong Kong are using print & signage solutions to renovate their offices in favour of contemporary spaces, stripping away old-fashioned cubicles for more open-plan workspaces which bring colleagues together in a more collaborative manner.

If this sounds like something you’d like to do, how about using computer-cut digital print graphics to add a creative touch to your space, helping to create a more engaging and welcoming feel to your office? Pair this with a few comfy couches and you’ll be set.


It is predicted that in 2023 companies will be choosing colours based on how they make them feel. If this sounds like something you fancy, but you resent getting the painter and decorators in, how about adding some colourful printed panels or large banners to your office? They’ll be fitted in a matter of hours, with no strong paint smells or inconvenience.

Plus, we have a vast array of different graphics that can be applied onto a variety of surfaces to create a unique effect – from designs, logos, and even photographs, wall graphics have no limit, and can create a more impressive effect.


2023 office spaces will see a freer-flowing, changeable environment. We’re talking moveable desks, no partitions, and the option to sit where you like. The idea is that employees will find a space and a way to work that works best for them, helping them to work more efficiently and productively. Our Pathfinding floor graphics would be the perfect addition to a creatively designed office space. Marking out designated areas for working, eating, and relaxing, as well as acting as a map of the office for larger spaces.

If you fancy giving your office space a facelift, call us at +852 5282 4452.

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