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3M Iconic Product - DINOC

JAG Hong Kong is Hong Kong’s premier signage and graphics installer and uses only the very best quality materials to get the job done. Working together with 3M, our signage and graphics experts are here to help you choose what’s right for you and to make sure your business benefits from the choices you make.

3M needs no introduction and once of their most sought-after graphic stickers is their DI-NOC range. 3M DI-NOC can be used on almost any surface and can help make a dull wall into your best marketing tool. 3M DI-NOC architectural finishes can transform your spaces and objects into professional and eye-catching works of art. With their special adhesive, DI-NOC finishes adhere to both smooth and rough surfaces to help solve a wide range of design challenges, from renewing furniture to covering interior and exterior walls. Time saving compared with traditional refurbishment methods, there is no need to evacuate the space as there is little mess and no chemicals used in application.

With a range of surface and glass finishes DI-NOC offers pure quality craftsmanship and coupled with 3M Authorized Applicator JAG Hong Kong we team up to transform your space and turn dull into charismatic, elegant and professional. JAG Hong Kong can apply DI-NOC stickers, films and graphics to any venue and has successfully applied them to the public spaces of healthcare facilities, hospitality environments and has teamed up with interior designers to create wonderful living spaces too.

Our team of qualified installers at JAG Hong Kong can help you choose the best fit no matter where or what your location is from restaurants, offices, gyms and recreational areas to your clubhouses, homes, home offices and more. We only work with the best quality films and stickers so contact JAG Hong Kong today to find one that best fits your needs.

JAG Hong Kong can be contacted by email on or by phone/WhatsApp on 5282-4452

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