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Choosing The Best Exterior Signage For Your Business

Updated: May 10, 2023

Bring your outdoor space to life and create a visual attraction with exterior signage. It can be the first experience someone has with your business, so you’ll want to make that vital first impression count. There are various types of exterior signage , all of which visually communicates your brand and represents what your company stands for. Let JAG show you the different kinds of exterior signage and what’s best for your business:

  • Window and frosting signage

Windows and frosting signage are a popular style of signage with the benefits of cutting glare, increasing safety, reducing UV rays and providing privacy while continuing to allow light in. With professionally designed window signage and graphics you can make the most of your window areas to get your message out there.

  • Banners

Portable and static banners are an effective and economical way to help promote your business and they can be quickly and easily changed if you need to change the message. Outdoor banners are durable and versatile and can help build your brand awareness and promote your products. They are great for exhibitions, trade shows, product launches or other events. They are an excellent option for maximum exposure at minimum cost.

  • 3D signs and lettering

3D lettering and logo signs are the next step up from print or vinyl. They are smart, professional and highly visible, creating maximum impact helping you stand out from the crowd in an attention-grabbing way. Talk to a JAG signage expert to create any size or style of 3D sign to achieve a range of visual effects.

  • Point of sale signs

Create an impact in your store and significantly increase sales with Point of Sale (POS) signage. POS signs are ideal for special offers, new arrivals or anything you want to draw attention to.

  • Illuminated signs

Let a light shine on your business with an eye-catching, high quality illuminated sign that will increase the visibility of your company long after dark. Illuminated signage makes your logo and messages more readable, and will not only look great but is effective for getting your business brand out there too.

  • Footpath signs and flags

Add some footpath signs and flags as a way to extend your other signage. They are portable and durable and can be taken with you to events to grab your customers attention. They are an ideal way for marketing and advertising new products or special offers and taking advantage of foot traffic. Footpath signage can be temporary and moveable or can be used just to drive new business through your door.

  • Plinths and pole signs

Plinths and pole signs are the perfect way to advertise your business to passing traffic providing an eye-catching solution for a range of environments. They come in various sizes and types, so you can have a plinth sign created by a JAG signage expert to fit whatever signage and business objective you have.

  • Building signs and designs

Building signage directs people to your door and is an effective long-lasting promotional tool which creates the opportunity to make the best, last first impression. The right building signs and designs provide a familiar identity for your clients and attract new business by communicating your products and services to the world.

Speak to a JAG signage specialist today or call 5282 4452.

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