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LX Hausys – The Korean Staple Architectural Brand you need to know

Over the past decades, the industrial leading countries for manufacturing architectural film, like Japan, USA, and Korea come up the renovation techniques which can compare to or even better than the ordinary materials, like marble / wood. Why still renovate your workspace or home at great expense on surface materials?

Making the right choice of decorative film is just as important as choosing the right installer. JAG Hong Kong is Hong Kong’s premier signage and graphics installer and uses only the very best quality materials to get the job done. Our signage and graphics experts are here to help you choose what’s right for you and to make sure your business benefits from the choices you make.

LX Hausys incorporates both world-recognized design and world-class technology into their products providing the perfect solution for both commercial and residential spaces. JAG Hong Kong works with LX Hausys to provide their range of foils from the HFLOR flooring selection to the HMACS and VIATERA selection graphics that provide top quality solid and quartz surface finishes.

Our team of qualified installers at JAG Hong Kong can help you choose the best fit no matter where or what your location is from restaurants, offices, gyms and recreational areas to your clubhouses, homes, home offices and more. We only work with the best quality films and stickers so contact JAG Hong Kong today to find one that best fits your needs.

JAG Hong Kong can be contacted by email on or by phone/WhatsApp on 5282-4452

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