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SANGETSU – The Top Japanese Architectural Vinyl

At JAG Hong Kong we take pride in using only the best quality products for our graphics, signage and stickers and among some of the top brands we use are Sangetsu; Japanese-made stickers designed with sustainability in mind that make for quality wallcoverings and floor materials.

Sangetsu create wallcoverings for both residential and commercial use that vary from simple patterns to intricate designs such as wood, stone and floral looks. Using traditional Japanese craftmanship, they are also able to create textile wallcoverings and paper weave.

Functionability is the key to their stickers and graphics with their self-adhesive PVC decorative film and REATEC available allowing us to help create your perfect renovation project without fuss and without hassle.

JAG Hong Kong’s mission is to help create your perfect work or home space environment and with the use of Sangetsu’s decorative films we are able to deliver not only the perfect graphic for you needs but the perfect workmanship to go alongside it. Our expert installers can help you through every step of the re-design process and our knowledge and expertise in the graphic and signage industry is second to none here in Hong Kong.

Next time you are thinking about a renovation, make your life easy and take care of your budget by using JAG Hong Kong to install your graphic stickers. Our team are available to help consult and recommend products that will not only suit your needs but you’re your budget.

JAG Hong Kong can be contacted by email on or by phone/WhatsApp on 5282-4452

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