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JAG Hong Kong’s revolutionary new anti-graffiti film brought to you by 3M Hong Kong has been developed to protect your signage against graffiti and vandalism, along with protection from the extreme weather that the Hong Kong climate can bring, making it ideal for long-life high-specification signs. An ideal solution for signage where panels need to be within easy reach, offering a cost-effective alternative to vitreous enamel panels.

A traditional vitreous enamel creates a glass-like, glossy surface with an exceptionally tough finish that is not only extremely resilient to the toughest of environmental conditions but is also highly resistant to graffiti, abrasion, and impact damage. Many of Hong Kong’s newer street signage can probably owe their continued existence to the quality of the hardy lacquer that the vitreous enamel process provides and it is, perhaps, no surprise that this level of durability comes with a high price tag.


  • Interpretation panels

  • Pathfinding markers

  • Information structures

  • Business logo

  • Information and poster display cases

  • Printed panels

  • General signage

  • LED Signage


  • Long-tern protection

  • Superior anti-graffiti

  • Cheaper than vitreous enamel

Our revolutionary new anti-graffiti film brought to you by 3M Hong Kong provides a high level of signage protection at a fraction of the cost. It is also available in gloss, semi-gloss, and matt finish. For more information on this new product, contact us for more details at +852 5282 4452

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