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Updated: Apr 29


The font or typeface you choose for your signage says a lot about your business. Thin, or extended letter styles are more difficult to read unless they form a well-established brand name such as Disney or Kellogg’s.


Think about your customers viewing distance and the types of potential customers you are looking to attract. Passing vehicles will need a larger sign with larger text and less content, so anything over ten words will be left unread or may stop them from even trying to read it as they speed past. Pedestrians don’t need such large lettering.


Use your brand colors for consistent brand identity, and ensure there is enough contrast to read your message. It’s a good idea to get a sample of the color you have chosen because the color you see on your screen is not always what will be printed.


Trying to squeeze too much information onto a sign only makes it difficult to read. Consider your audience and if they need a Fax number. Experienced designers can help you communicate the core message to your customers and advise what information should be included and promoted.


Signs will be more readable if they are placed in a location without competing or confusing backgrounds. You can still achieve impact without there being a flashing neon sign in every window. Some signs may need planning permission depending on what you want to achieve, so ask a signage professional for advice.


Our Hong Kong-based design team is your key to delivering a successful sign that will last for years to come. They can create workable concepts that meet both aesthetic and budgetary requirements because they will design with the materials and buildability in mind. LED signage, computer-cut digital printing, or foam board poster printing. The possibilities are endless.

If you’d like some help with your Hong Kong Signage and Pathfinding project, our friendly team would love to hear from you. Call us at +852 5282 4452

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