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Updated: Jun 1

The architectural range of films allows the user to redesign the surface of an object, like tables, walls, or countertops. An architectural film can give a completely new texture and look. The architectural film is often used as a cost-effective alternative to buying new furniture or a timesaving device when redecorating an interior.

This range of textures available with Architectural Film makes it especially unique as it replicates the texture of the design. The brand leader of computer cut Architectural Films is 3M Hong Kong with their product called DI-NOC. Their range of finishes is huge and they come with industry-leading warranties.


There are multiple uses and benefits of Architectural Film. Check out a few of the benefits below.


  • Cost-effective refurbishment

  • Stain and scratch resistant (for high-impact areas and objects).

  • High quality and reliable performance

  • Lightweight, quick, and easy to install

  • Can install overnight minimizing potential disruption to daily operations

  • Gigantic range of different textures and designs

  • Resembles natural materials remarkably well

  • Smooth, clean finish and bubble-free application


  • Lifts

  • Walls

  • Signs

  • Doors

  • Tables

  • Chairs

  • Ceilings

  • Columns

  • Cupboards

  • Wall lettering

Want to explore architectural film? Why not give us a call at +852 5282 4452.

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