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How Floor Stickers Can Boost Sales


Many people overlook one of the most potential areas for marketing and drawing foot traffic to their businesses – the floor! Through the use of custom graphic floor stickers, you can literally guide customers to areas where you would like to drive specific sales of specific items. Durable and affordable, custom graphic floor stickers are designed to make an impact – and the good thing is that anyone can utilize them.


Custom graphic floor stickers are vinyl and designed with an adhesive that will not damage the flooring – something many people are concerned about when they talk to us about it. They are affordable and are made to withstand heavy foot traffic and with their presence they can maintain an impact for months – increasing foot flow and, most importantly, your bottom line through increased sales.


Although great for the retail sector, they are not solely used for this purpose. We have clients such as banks who want help with their queuing systems, schools who want their kids lined up in specific lines, sports arenas to aid crowd control, conferences where attendees need to find a specific location and museums where our clients don’t want the guests to get too close to the exhibits.


They are universal in their use, and the reason for so many people using them is simple – affordability and durability. Custom graphic floor stickers aid the customer in spending their money, accessing you or your business and help them help you boost your profits – after all, that’s what matters most in business.


For more information on custom graphic floor stickers – and any other kind of graphic stickers – contact us at JAG Hong Kong by email on or by WhatsApp on 5282-4452


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