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The Safety of Signage

Clear and visible safety signs are essential - and in many cases a legal necessity - within the workplace that helps highlight the potential risks and dangers to employees and visitors to any given workspace. Accident prevention is a priority in any workplace and public place - anywhere where employees, patrons or the general public may be in risk of danger of a certain type. We want to help you prevent these kind of accidents and any repercussions that these accidents may incur.

Safety signs are essential where accidents or hazards may occur. Installation of hazard signs from the simple “caution wet floor” to “high voltage” and “slip hazard” are an essential part of keeping the public safe an JAG Hong Kong is an expert in signage provision and installation to your public space or workspace.

A safety sign contains and provides information about safety and health and can be a signboard, colour signal and draws the attention of any potential person to the hazards that may be incurred in the workspace they are in. The provision of safety signage not only reduces the potential of any accidents occurring, it also reduces any liability that may be levied on the landlord or employer operating within the area.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility and must be taken seriously and, with visible signage that are accident prevention tools, we make sure that with our signage your employees and patrons will be in a safer place.

Contact JAG Hong Kong for more information by email in or by WhatsApp on 5282-4452 and we will be happy to give a free consultation on all your signage and graphics needs. To see more of our work find us on Instagram @jaghongkong

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