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Summer is almost here and Covid-19 has seen many cafes, pubs, and restaurants adapting their outdoor spaces to cater toward safer dining and drinking. Make your space stand out from the crowd by introducing printed outdoor wall graphics or other graphic solutions that will help create an enjoyable social space for your customers.

Here at JAG offer a range of outdoor wall graphics solutions that can help freshen up your outdoor space no matter how big or small, whether a full mural or just some small business logos, company branding, or even large graphic printing.


Perhaps you have an old brick wall that has the potential to become an interesting feature wall? Consider trying Aluminum foil base Graphics which melds nicely to the brickwork. Or maybe you want to hide the brickwork altogether adding printed panels to it?


Do you have a plain gazebo that could do with livening up? Something as simple as a large banner could bring this to life. Why not try our eco-friendly PVC-Free Eco Banners? They’re a great outdoor wall graphic solution and environmentally friendly too, so it’s a win-win! Here at JAG we’re passionate about being as green as possible and offer a range of environmentally friendly products.


If you need some inspiration, our in-house design team will be happy to create something perfect for your needs. Whether you need to liven up a bustling city center space and brighten up a promotional booth, or need something to compliment a rural outdoor dining space, we’ll have the perfect solution for you.

To get your outdoor space looking great in time for summer get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. +852 5282 4452.

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