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The Do’s and Don’ts of Your Office Signage

A specialised interior design has the power to transform your office into an efficient workspace and an instant marketing tool. It can portray both collaboration and comradery amongst workers and at the same time it impresses clients and welcomes visitors. And a big part of the interior’s look comes down to your signage.

If you are fitting out a new office or refreshing your brand, pay attention to these do’s and don’ts of interior signage.


  • Reflect your brand and personality

Make sure your signs are consistent and cohesive, showcasing your brand throughout your entire workspace. Alongside your traditional branding elements like logos and colour schemes, your interior signs also create a great opportunity to reflect your company’s personality.

Add some personality to your office with interactive interior walls, bold imagery and humour incorporated into well-placed signs. If you’re a straightlaced law firm, you’ll want to stick to professional signs; if you’re a creative agency, find ways to think outside the box.

  • Include wayfinding signs

Not everyone in your office already knows their way around. Wayfinding signs help people navigate an unfamiliar space – by including them, you are making your office an inclusive place for new employees, clients and visitors alike. It’s a small, easy way to make everyone feel comfortable.


  • Overuse text

It can be tempting to include as much information as possible on your interior signage. Signs have a powerful effect on people’s engagement with their surroundings; bombarding them with information is overwhelming.

Stick to the basics; include necessary details and rely on symbols and images where possible. There are plenty of ways to communicate office policies, company awards and health and safety protocols without plastering them all over the walls.

  • Fall for transient trends

If you want your interior signage to last for many years to come, don’t follow the current trends but opt for timeless designs instead. Style and aesthetics are important but keeping up with current trends will mean you are replacing your interior signs regularly, costing you time and money. Good signwriters know how to balance creativity with classic designs, offering attractive and interesting signs for your office’s interior that will stand the test of time.

Speak to a JAG signage specialist today or call 5282 4452.

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